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Please send your CV and covering letter to the address

We reserve the right to respond only to selected offers.


Candidates’ CVs not considered in a given recruitment process are stored for a period of 8 months for the purposes of subsequent recruitment processes. After this period, they are deleted and the personal data of the candidates is not processed for any other purpose. We do not send the application back. We only contact selected people.

If you are interested in participating in subsequent and similar recruitment processes, please place the following clause on your CV:

“I consent to the processing of my personal data contained in the CV for the purposes of current and future recruitment processes”

However, we would like to remind you and strongly emphasize, in relation to numerous frauds and false job advertisements, that at no stage of recruitment do we require any fees or photocopying of an ID card.

Information clause for employees and job candidates

The administrator of the personal data of employees, associates and job candidates is EastWave Building Company Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in ul. Dowry 7 Panien 1a, 02-495 Warsaw. The data is processed for the purpose of recruitment and employment and their provision is mandatory to the extent specified in the provisions of labor law, in particular by the Labor Code. The data is not transferred to any unauthorized recipients or to third countries. The recipients of the data can only be persons and entities authorized to process data and public bodies authorized pursuant to legal provisions. The data is stored for a period of time specified in specific legal provisions. The data subject has the right to inspect his data, the right to supplement it and the obligation to notify the administrator of a change in personal data. (Data subjects may contact the Data Protection Officer in all matters related to the processing of their personal data and are required to report to the Inspector any incidents and breaches regarding the security of personal data for which they are authorized to process.

Contact details:

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